Sunday, March 29, 2009

This photo shows the "floor" of the tent. The white boots, known locally as "Biloxi Reeboks" have become my most indispensable boat building tool. This morning I finished drawing the hull panels, removed the finishing nails, screwed the plywood sheets together and started cutting hull panels.

This photo shows the first hull panel being cut. Visible along the right side of the plywood are the binder clips I am using to keep the cut panels aligned.

The next picture shows a length of wood clamped to the cut panels to give them rigidity for moving them out of the tent.

This is the destination of the cut panels for a short time. The wide flat gunnels of my flats boat make an ideal storage area. Once all the panels are cut I'll move them inside the tent again. I will then clean the packing tape and excess epoxy from the scarf joints and start drilling the holes for stitching. I was able to get six of the fourteen hull panels cut today.

The subject of the last picture is Belle, my Chesapeake Bay Retriever. It is her opinion that my boat building time would be more productive if I spent it throwing her tennis ball or training dummy.

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