Saturday, April 11, 2009

Yesterday I continued the process of stitching hull panels. After completing the fourth pair I decided to add the the temporary frames to help make sure the hull took the correct shape.
The first two photos are before and after shots of the first frame.  The stern end of the boat was very flat prior to the frames being tied in place. Plainly visible in the first photo are the short pieces of dowel rod under the tyraps to help align the panel edges. They do help in this regard, and I found if the panels were still uneven after the stitch was tightened they could be rolled slighly in one direction or other to straighten things out.

The third photo shows three frames along with the fifth and sixth pair of hull planks in place. The foward frame (nearest the camera will have to be removed and retied because I forgot to wrap the edge in packing tape. I don't want this thing epoxied to the boat. 

The last two pictures show the seventh and final hull panel in place. Today I took a day off from boat building and went fishing with my brother and his father-in-law. Monday I am off and hope to get the transom in place so I can start gluing the boat together. 


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