Sunday, May 10, 2009

Launch Day (of sorts)

Progress has been slow as the last two weeks, But things are starting to move forward again. On Tuesday I picked up a load of cypress lumber from a nearby sawmill ( ) to make the keel, stem, bilge runners, outwhales , inwhales and floorboards. The rest of the week was spent trying to convert rough cut lumber into boat parts. The first few days were spent sanding the sawmarks out with my R/O sander. Yesterday a trip was made to Harbor Freight and an electric planer was purchased.  I now have the bilge runners and the keel complete, 3 of 4 gunnel pieces are finished to their final width and have to be planed down to their final thickness. The first photo shows on of gunnel pieces (laying on the 2 x 6) The end of one of the bilge runers can also be seen on the hull of the boat. Also visible on the ground is a large pile of shavings from the planer.
The next photo shows how I am temporarily storing the lumber to allow it to dry. The sawmill had 4 inches of rain on Monday and most of the wood was thoroughly soaked. The rope slings allow for good air flow around the wood. Temperatures in the tent reached at least 96 degrees Fahrenhiet today. After working for an hour my clothes were completely soaked from sweat. The last photo shows today's launch. The finished keel/stem has placed in a trough of water to soak in preparation for bending it around the bow of boat later this week.

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