Sunday, October 4, 2009

Since my last update not much has happened. I had the inside of the boat ready to prime but a heavy love-bug hatch postponed painting. A rainy September also slowed work down. A few weeks ago I flipped the over again to begin fairing the bottom for paint. Today I completely covered the hull with a coat of fairing putty (as seen above) and started the sanding process. Before I spread the putty over the hull I filled the fiberglass weave over the keel and bilge runners with a mixture of cabosil and West fillet blend. This makes a tougher (and tougher to sand) covering for the parts of the bottom likely to take the most abuse.


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  2. Hi again Bob - good to see your progress... you've motivated me to put my own build into blog form - you can see my boat at

  3. Hi Jeremy,
    Did not notice your comments until tonight, I just looked at your blog, the boat is looking good. I see we started at almost the same time, maybe we'll launch together also.