Saturday, October 24, 2009

Primed at Last

After my last update 2 weeks ago we had two wet weeks of weather which made the inside of the tent very mucky (just like the early spring). Last weekend our first strong cold front came through and we had 25 -30 knot north winds for 2 days. This wind proved to be too much for the tent roof so Sunday I covered the tent with a large tarp to cover the gaps. I was also able to sand the epoxy coats that I applied the previous weekend. Yesterday I was planning to wash the sanding dust off of the hull and begin priming but a problem with the water main forced the city to shut our water from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm. I washed the hull in the afternoon but did not have time to do any painting. This morning I gave the hull a quick wipe down with denatured alcohol and waited for the tent to warm up as morning temps were in the mid 50's. By noon the temperature in the tent was approaching 80 so I rolled on the first coat. by 3:30 it was no longer tacky so I applied the second coat. Tomorrow after the tent warms up I will apply the third and final coat. I am going to give the primer a few days to cure completely then begin sanding in prep for the top coat.


  1. Hi Bob - your boat's looking great! You're getting close to launch date I guess... I'm still some time off and making slow progress due to being back at work. Thanks for putting Andy in touch with me - a fellow Aucklander working on Selway Fisher designs is good to know, we may end up seeing each other on the water at some stage... I've just started making oars which has been fun.... Cheers, Jeremy.

  2. Good to hear from again Jeremy. I took the liberty of posting a link to your blog on the Selway Fisher discussion group. I guess thats how Andy located you. I see your making your own oars, I thought about making mine but I found a company in Canada ( Van Fancy Oars) that offered spruce spoon blade oars for the same price as the lumber I was able to find to make them.