Sunday, November 1, 2009

Last round of sanding

Finally, the outer hull has been sanded for the last time. This weekend I sanded the primer that was applied last week. I spent 2 days sanding the boat by hand. This morning I washed the boat with dish soap, towel dried it and gave it wipe down with denatured alcohol. I then began taping a line that I hope will be near the waterline for the graphite epoxy mixture that I am applying to the bottom. Three more layers of tape were applied over the first layer, each one staggered by 1/4" so that each coat will extend past the previous. By doing this I hope to avoid having a high ridge of epoxy to sand down before painting. A layer of plastic was then taped to the boat to keep stray drops and runs of black epoxy off of the sides of the hull. I took a break for dinner and rolled on the first coat, finishing at sunset. In a few hours I will go out and remove the first tape layer before the epoxy completely hardens.

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