Saturday, June 13, 2009

Interior work continues

This week I continued working on the interior hull. Monday and Wednesday evenings were spent sanding down some highspots on the fillets I made last week. On Thursday night I fiberglassed the transom and the tip of the bow. On Friday I began glassing the main part of the hull. The glass was cut to length and the top edge was held in place with binder clips. The glass was then trimmed off at the bow and stern and a relief cut was made at the midpoint of the hull. Working alone this was a large job. I began wetting out the cloth at noon and finished at 4:00 pm. The temperature in the tent was 96 F at 2:00 pm. I was spent after that 4 hour ordeal. This morning I trimmed the excess glass from the top edge and sanded out a few bubbles I was unable to work out of the cloth yesterday. My brother came over as I finished sanding and we measured and trimmed the glass for the other side of the hull. With two of us working wetting out the glass was much easier. We finished the port side in just over an hour. The rest of today was spent cutting out the frames that will support the seat tops. I also cut out the pieces that will make up the stern knee. The frames will be made of two layers of 6 mm plywood glued together and the stern knee will be four layers. The frame layers were clamped together with binder clips and the edges were trimmed up with a block plane and sanding block. After sunset the plywood pieces were coated with epoxy in preparation for glueing tomorrow.

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