Friday, June 26, 2009

Slow Down

Progress on the boat has slowed the past two weeks due to unusually hot weather. Since the last blog entry I have glued the frames in place but I have not completed the fillets or glass because the epoxy was kicking off too quickly in the heat, even when working at night.Yesterday and today I dry fit the rubrails and clamped them in place. I will leave them clamped in place for a week before glueing them to allow them to assume the shape of the sheer. While they are doing this I will be in Florida fishing for tarpon. Tomorrow will be spent picking up a few last minute items and prepping the boat for the 6 hour haul. If there is time I may try to complete a few more fillets on the frames, The tubs of EZ fillet were placed in the fridge today to extend the potlife of the mixture.

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