Sunday, June 7, 2009

Right Side Up

Last weekend I applied fillets to the the keels and glassed them with 6 oz. biaxial tape. On Tuesday my brother and I flipped the hull over from its inverted position so that work on the interior could begin. Wednesday and Thursday evenings were spent saniding the hull, especially the places where the exterior fillets squeezed all the way through. Friday morning the sanding dust was vacuumed out and the interior hull was given a thin coat of epoxy (second photo). On Friday afternoon  after the epoxy had begun to harden I began to fillet the interior plank seams, finishing the port side but ran out of gloves so I was not able to start the starboard side. Yesterday I went fishing with my brother and our dad so no work was done on the boat. This morning yesterday's catch was cleaned and a trip was made to Harbor Freight to purchase more disposable gloves and the fillets on the starboard side were completed. The bow (third photo) was especially difficult to get smooth as space is tight and the angle between the bow planks is constantly changing as you go from top to bottom. It will require some sanging before the hull is fiberglassed. There are also some small blobs and ridges of fillet material that need to be sanded smooth before glassing

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