Monday, August 10, 2009

First Seat Installed

I took a few days off last week to work on the boat with the intention of getting the remaining wood pieces glued to the boat. On Tuesday I sanded the aft section of the the boat to remove any epoxy runs and applied a layer of fairing compound. I began sanding the fairing material Tuesday night and finished Wednesday afternoon. Wednesday evening I sanded the forward section of the boat and applied fairing compound to it. Thursday was spent sanding the forawd section smooth. In each case the most time consuming part was the frames as the R. O. sander would not fit inside the frames. Each side of each frame was taking 5-6 hours of hand sanding to get the frames some what fair. Each frame had to be faired before the seats were installed as they would be really difficult to access otherwise. On Friday the two remaining areas of the the boat (btween the forward and aft frames) was sanded. I decided to wait until after dark to apply the fairing compound (System Three Quick Fair) in the hope that the slightly cooler temperature would give me a few more minutes to work the fairing compound before it stiffened. This plan did not work as june bugs (a type of beetle) began to land in the first batch. I quit for the night and began the fairing process the next morning. On Saturday morning before I could add any more fairing compound I had to remove six beetles that had become trapped in the hardened Quick Fair. After applying the Quick Fair to to remaining areas of the boats interior. I began dry fitting the floorboards for the area in front of the forward frame. I also cut all the boards for the remaining sections of floorboards. On Saturday Evening I sanded the open areas of the boats midsection and began sanding one of the frames finishing half of one side before calling it a night. Sunday morning I faced the task of sanding the remaining frames was was bbecoming disheartened. I finally decided to go to the local Home Depot where I purcased the smallest mouse sander they had in stock and packages of 80 grit sanding pads for it. With the mouse sander I was able to sand each frame in 30 to 40 minutes. I finished the sanding Sunday afternoon and swept and vacuumed the hull. I rolled a thin coat of epoxy of the face of each frame to seal the fairing compound and then I glued the transom knees and breast hook to the boat. (2nd - 4th photos). The pinkish-white patches in the photas are what remains of the fairing material after sanding. This evening I masked the frames with cut up trash bags to catch any glue drips and glued the aft thwart (seat) to the top of the frame. Tomorrow I will glue the forward seat. The center seat will be installed after UPS delivers some more glue.

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