Sunday, August 2, 2009

Inwales complete

This Saturday my brother and I glued the the inwales to the spacer blocks (third photo). This morning I trimmed the bow and stern ends so the breast hook and transom knees fit, after I epoxy coated the wood for the seats. While I was waiting on the epoxy to cure I marked and drilled 65 1/4" holes in the outer rub rails (first photo). These will be filled with thickened epoxy and re drilled for #8 screws to mount a protective rub rail (5/8" rope). I took a break for dinner and then glued up the fore and aft seats. The center seat will be glued together tomorrow as I ran out of clamps that were large enough. I then returned to the tent and sanded the outwale and inwale. While I was sanding I noticed that a small wasp was already building a nest in one of the holes a had just drill in the outwale. I removed the nesting material with a drill bit but I have a feeling that she will be back. When this was complete I removed all of the stuff that had accumulated in the boat and swept up the sanding dust.

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